7 Ways to Keep your Metal Building Cool During the Summer Heat

How to Cool your Metal Building in the Summer Heat

Being good conductors of heat, metal buildings tend to conduct both low and high temperatures into the interior. Metal buildings require additional cooling techniques to keep them cool in the summer heat.

This article will guide any metal building owner on ways of keeping their metal structures cooler in simple ways. Even during the broiling summer season! 


Heat shouldn't deter you from investing in metal structures as the benefits outweigh the negatives. Metal buildings are affordable, durable, and easy to maintain. Here are some ways to keep your metal structures cool during the summer heat.

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7 Ways to keep your metal building cool in the summer

There are several economical ways to cool your metal building as discussed in this comprehensive guide. Many metal building owners choose to insulate their buildings to reduce the cooling costs. Utilize the following tips to regulate your shed's temperatures during the hot summer season:

  • Create a heat barrier by properly insulating
  • Reflecting the heat with light color paints

  • Installing cooling add-ons to windows and doors

  • Use a cool metal-roof system

  • Proper Ventilation

  • Smart Landscaping

  • Sealing your metal building

Other cooling measures such as awnings, window fans, and ventilation can be added to enhance the cooling effect. Here are some ways of keeping your metal building cool in the summer.

1. Create a heat barrier by properly insulating your Metal Building

If you wish to boost your energy savings on cooling with a reduced carbon footprint, you will need to insulate your metal building. Insulation will help reduce heat transfer as metal is a good conductor of heat. 

Insulate your attic as most heat comes from above. Talk to a local contractor to get all the necessary details on the required type of information needed to get the ideal insulation materials, based on the local weather conditions.

2. Reflecting the heat with light color paints

It is commonly known that light colors reflect heat while dark colors tend to absorb it. Despite this common knowledge, it's not uncommon to see people in warm areas using dark colors to paint their metal buildings. Painting using light color paints on your building is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to avoid heat conduction. It is one of the most basic ways of keeping your metal building cool in the summer.


3. Installing cooling add-ons to metal building windows and doors

On hot days, air naturally drifts through doors and windows. This leads to a heating effect in the metal building. You can reduce the amount of direct sunlight on your building with awnings, overhangs, and canopies.

Reflective window pane glass as well as light-colored doors also deflect additional heat. You can also invest in Air conditioning units to address the overheating issue directly from the source.

4. Use a cool metal-roof system for your metal building

The Cool Roof Rating Council and Energy Star® recommend cool metal roof cooling systems to improve energy efficiency as well as sustainability. Use metal-coated sheets and reflective resins to save on cooling costs and stay comfortable in the summer inside your metal structures. These compounds possess solar-reflective pigments that reduce the need for air conditioning and the overall heat levels.

5. Proper Ventilation for Your Metal Building

Ventilation is important in naturally cooling your metal building as well as maintaining good air quality. Gravity vents will allow air to automatically be channeled through the building without any additional electricity.

There are both solar and wind-turbine vents that provide heat relief and improved airflow.

Powered fans on walls and ceilings will help reduce the heat. They also require less electricity compared to air conditioning. If you are in a humid environment, consider getting a humidifier or HVAC system to get your metal building cooler.

6. Smart Landscaping for Metal Buildings

Smart landscaping will also go some ways to keep your metal building cool in the summer. You can plant trees and shrubs to shade your building, cooling its surface dramatically. Trees will shade the roof, while shrubs and vines can be planted to keep the walls cool. Ensure that you leave space between the plants and the structure to prevent moisture build-up in humid places.

Mulch is another simple landscaping solution. It will help keep the ground cooler by preventing heat absorption. Mulching also has great water preservation properties.

7. Sealing your metal building

Your metal building should be well-sealed to improve its temperature resistance. Sealing your building will prevent any hot air from entering it. Sealing your building will increase the energy efficiency of the building by reducing the energy load on all cooling appliances.

Metal is less porous compared to lots of building materials, creating a tight seal that is necessary for covering energy loss.

Keep Your Metal Building Cool This Summer

Metal buildings can be just as cool and comfortable as wooden structures. A few simple adjustments will reduce heat in your metal building in the summer significantly and save you lots of money on your energy bills. Metal buildings can be tuned to offer comfort throughout the year.

Minor changes such as light-colored roofs or cool metal roofs are pocket-friendly ways of cooling your metal house. Other fixes may require installation costs but will save you energy in the long term. This guide has discussed some of the ways of keeping your metal building cool during the summer heat.

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Metal Building Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest way to insulate a metal building?

Fiberglass is the most commonly used insulation material for metal buildings. It provides the cheapest installation cost per R-value.

Should I spray foam my metal building?

You should spray foam through the metal gaps of a building to eliminate the chance of air and moisture intrusion. Air sealing is one of the most effective ways of saving energy as leaks, cracks, gaps, and penetrations increase the energy cost.

How do I stop my metal roof from sweating?

You can stop your metal roof from sweating by properly insulating the attic. Properly insulate your ceilings to create a barrier between both sections of the house to prevent air leaks and metal roof condensation.

How do I dehumidify a metal building?

To dehumidify your metal building, sub-cooling of air to condense out the water using a dehumidifier is advised. You can also use a desiccant wheel, dual wheel, and wrap-around coils.


Keep your Metal Building Cool - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I make my shed cool during summer?

How do I keep my shed cool during summer

  1. Creating a heat barrier with adequate insulation
  2. Reflecting heat by painting your duramax shade with bright colours.
  3. Implementing an efficient ventilation system in your Duramax metal sheds.
  4. Sufficient ventilation for your metal building. Consider addons to doors and windows.
  5. Opt for roofing techniques designed to keep your metal Duramax shed building cool.