Why Buy From Us

We are a family owned business that makes focus on the customer our priority every day.

We know you have so many options on where to spend your hard earned dollar that we have to give you a reason to spend it with us.

You can contact us via email at support@duramaxshedsdirect.com 

Text or Call: 877 444 6696

You will not have your call answered by someone sitting in a call center on the other side of the world, so please be patient.

We promise to always be available to answer your questions. If we cannot pick up immediately then we will respond as soon as possible usually in a few minutes, normally within 24 hours.

We truly believe that we are not just in the business of selling the highest quality storage buildings and garage products that we can find, but we are first and foremost in the relationship business.

We want you, our customers to think of us as their new found friends. So please, try us today and make a new friend.

Sincerely your friends in the storage building business,

Jonathan and Oriana

oriana and I