Duramax Imperial Garage Kits | Strength of Steel

Duramax Imperial Garage Kits | Strength of Steel

Duramax Imperial Garage Kits | Strength of Steel

There's no greater delight than visualizing your dream house, and eventually making your dream come true by owning it. However, as life goes on, you'll realize how much you'll need more space in your house since the family keeps on growing. Space for expansion is therefore very fundamental. 

Facing this moment of truth bestows frustration upon us, especially when we realize that the initially available space can never be enough! This is where Duramax Sheds Direct  comes into action. 

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Do you need additional storage space for the old, or unused items that you can't let go? Duramashedsdirect.com brings you the best imperial garage kits in case you need more storage space in your yard.

Duramax Imperial Metal Garages

If your home feels a bit congested, then it's about time you get rid of accumulated stuff in the house. Duramax Imperial garages provide extra space for you to mount shelves and create room for storage. Old, valuable tools/accessories that are useful occasionally should be stored in this spacious environment.

All you have to do is purchase your kit from us, different sizes, colors and structural specifications. The garage kits are always prefabricated, then delivered to your doorstep — ready for assembly!

If you're the Do-It-Yourself type of guy, then assembling the kit is going to be an enjoyable task for you.  We do suggest a second person to help with assembly. 

If you however find it challenging, we also have suggestions on finding the right person to handle the assembly for you there locally. Before we look at the available Duramax imperial garage kits available for sale, let's find out how much one might cost. 

How much do Duramax Imperial Garage Kits Cost?

Some homeowners usually wonder whether it is more cost effective to build their own storage garage than to  buy a prefabricated one. It all depends on a number of factors to come down to a particular price. 

First of all, what size of garage storage is required? The size is considerably the key factor affecting the ultimate cost, since it clearly determines the amount of building material needed. You'll have to visit a hardware shop to acquire the material, as well as tools required to set up your garage storage.

Looking at it from a material cost perspective, building your own garage kit can be seemingly affordable. However, there's so much time spent here!  Laying out pieces, measuring and cutting, drilling holes all takes time.  With a Duramax Kit all of this is already done for you. Of course you will invariably have to visit your local store numerous times as you'll keep forgetting something and going back.

9 Best Duramax Sheds For Your Yard in 2023

Let's not forget the labor involved, transport costs and any drawbacks you might face during the project. If you're not the handyman type, then you might end up spending even TWICE the garage kit's buying price. 

Buy Duramax Imperial Metal Garage Kits 

We suggest  purchasing a prefab garage kit from Duramax Sheds Direct to save on the hidden costs, with all 'additional costs' shown to you upfront. Including the cost of shipping which we take care of for you.

The garage kit's pieces are perfectly cut and ready for the final stage, assembling your garage storage. 

Our Imperial Garage kits are the strongest outdoor storage you can come across today. Unlike other thin-walled metal garages which dent easily, our Duramax metal garage kits are built to be dent-resistant, and also strong enough to hold  20 pounds of snow per square foot. 

These garage kits stand out amongst the rest due to the high-quality galvanized steel, eye-catching design and color. They can fit any landscape! To add some icing on the cake, Duramax Imperial garages come with a 10 year warrant. It's time to check out the available garage kits available at Duramax Sheds Direct; different sizes and colors in stock: 

Duramax 12'x20' Imperial Metal Garage - Dark Gray, Light Gray

This metal garage kit is structured to handle harsh weather conditions, ranging from winter's heavy snowfall, to the scorching summertime sunny days. It weighs and can handle up to 20 lbs on its roof top. The steel reinforced garage kit assures you strength, durability, and security for as long as you'll need it. 

It has a side and overhead door, and both entries are lockable to maintain top security for your items. Its front roll-up door is 99" wide, thus fitting many common vehicles  including most popular SUV’s. For more information (Features & Price) about this product, feel free to visit the product page, add to cart, and buy the kit for  delivery. 

You can access these Duramax Imperial Garage Kits at different prices depending on their sizes, we currently have light/dark grey kits w/off white, w/white trims going at affordable prices (with a 10% discount off).

9 Best Duramax Sheds For Your Yard in 2023

Outstanding Features on Duramax Imperial Garages

  1. 99" Wide front roll-up door
  2. Overhead & size doors (Lockable)
  3. Backed by a 10-Years Warrant 
  4. Available in Light Gray and Dark Gray (w/off white trim)
  5. Hot-dipped, Galvanized Steel, frame parts
  6. Available in '12 × 20'ft and '12 × 26'ft sizes
  7. Ridge-reinforced walls (Insulation)
  8. Easy-access ramp for vehicle entry
  9. Roof support truss-system (Holds up to 20 lbs of snow)
  10. Garage set Diagram/Technical drawing 

Duramax Garage Kits FAQs

How long does it take to assemble a Duramax garage kit?

The time for assembling a Duramax IMPERIAL garage metal kit will vary mainly depending on its size, number of people handling the task, and the skill sets of everyone involved. However a rough estimated time for two people with moderate skill level should be able to get the job done in an afternoon, assuming the foundation and site prep has already been completed.

How wide should a garage for one car be?

Typically, a one-car garage measures around 12 to 16 feet wide. An ideal two-car garage should range between 20 and 24 feet wide. For a standard 3-car garage, you should set up a 30 feet wide metal garage. 

What is the life expectancy of a metal building?

Unlike many other yard barns, metal buildings have a longer life span because they don't corrode or wear out due to environmental conditions. To experience the full potential of these structures, you just need to build them properly, and maintain them.