9 Best Duramax Sheds For Your Yard In 2024

9 Best Duramax Sheds For Your Yard In 2024

 9 Best Duramax Sheds For Your Yard in 2024

It is one of those things about life that seems to be inevitable for almost everyone. At some point you settle into your routine with a job, raising a family, and sinking down roots in a community somewhere.

You found a home that suits your needs, or at least you thought it did at the time you fell in love with it and made that major purchase.  Now years have passed and your dream home is feeling a bit cramped. 

Cluttered garage BEFORE a Duramax Shed Duramax Sheds Direct

The accumulation of things too dear for us to part with has filled every spare closet and corner and makes it impossible to maintain a neat well organized home.  Souvenirs and mementos from raising a family, different tools and accessories to make our lives easier, holiday decorations and other things that only come out on special occasions, and yes, all those things that we don’t even know why we keep them, but they just seem too good to throw away.

The following article was written with this specific issue in mind.  We all need more storage space.  Most of us are not able, or inclined to just buy a bigger house, nor are we willing to just rid ourselves of the things we have accumulated over time.

 What follows is a list of 9 different Duramax shed/special purpose building/ garage//kits to help solve your problems with overcrowding and clutter in your home. As you continue reading you will find general purpose storage sheds, such as the Duramax Imperial Garage to very special purpose shelters like the Duramax Bicycle storage shed.  All of which are prefabricated and shipped to your door in kit form ready for you to assemble as your next DIY project.  If you aren’t the handyman type then it is a relatively easy matter to find someone in your area to assemble them for you.

Before we jump into the description of the individual sheds and specialty building kits we would like to cover some of the more common questions people have when they start to try and determine which type of shed would work best for their specific situation.

Some of these questions are similar and we will try and group them together.  Hopefully you will find the answer to questions you have already asked yourself and perhaps some information that you haven’t even thought about yet.

Things To Know Before You Buy A Shed


Is It Cheaper To Buy Or Build Your Own Shed?

Is It Better To Buy Or Build A Shed?

When answering these questions there is more to consider than just cost, but let’s start with that.  Whether you are building your own or buying a prefab kit the cost will be partially Determined by the size of the shed and any special features that may be included.  Things like insulated walls and/or windows will increase the cost in kits and your own construction.

If you just look at material cost at times it may or may not be slightly cheaper to build your own than to buy a kit, but when you factor in the hidden costs quite often there is not much real savings and there is a lot more hassle involved.

With a kit everything is already included, pieces are cut to size and all the appropriate hardware has been added.  Buying a kit will save you time and with many Duramax shed kits you get a 15 year warranty.

With your own construction it is up to you to make sure you purchase all the needed materials including screws, hinges, fasteners, etc.  If you are like me then you will end up making a dozen trips back to the hardware store for the things you have forgotten.

Any flaws in the shed are solely your responsibility. I'm talking about flaws that you make because you may not be used to building a shed from raw materials and a set of prints.  Few of us are.  We have a saying in the trades: "I cut it three times and it's still too short."  We may smile at that, but bottom line is you just ruined a piece of your shed and now the cost went up because you have to buy another and try to get it right the second time.

With a prefab Duramax shed Kit all the cuts have been made right the first time.  Eliminating the possibility of that error.

When you order the shed kit from Duramax Sheds Direct the shipping cost is already included in the price and quite often depending on the shipping address you may not be required to pay sales tax as it may also be included in the price.

If you build your own shed and source your materials locally then shipping or delivery will be extra unless you have the vehicle to load it up and take it home yourself and sales tax is unavoidable.


The convenience of ordering a shed kit and having it delivered to your driveway has all the costs up front while building your own has a lot of extra hidden expenses and extra work involved.

If there is a certain design or features that you need in your shed that you just cannot find in any prefab kit then perhaps a custom built shed is the way to go.  Then if you have to hire labor to build it for you be prepared to pay much more for construction costs which will vary depending on your area.

Assembling a kit can usually be done by two people in an afternoon with some basic hand tools and no construction experience is needed.  If you do want to hire it out it is much less expensive than custom built. 

How Much Do Sheds Cost?

Prices vary depending on materials and size.  Small vinyl shed kits are available for less than a thousand dollars, maybe as little as 7 or 8 hundred dollars. Larger buildings such as Duramax insulated building kits range as high as 8 or 9 thousand dollars. Those prices do include shipping costs. 

Do storage sheds need a foundation?

While small sheds, maybe 6x8 or so in size may not definitely have to have a foundation. Any building will always benefit from having some sort of foundation or solid base. It will help with ventilation stability and longevity of the structure.

Does a shed have to sit on concrete?

Concrete is by far the best base to build a shed on, but is also by far the most expensive and no, it is not required unless you are planning to store heavy items in your shed that would require a concrete floor.

What is the best base to put under a shed? 

A gravel pad (crushed stone) with a lumber perimeter is a very good shed foundation option in most cases. We recommend gravel shed foundations because they provide a stable base for your shed to rest on and do a great job of drainage.  Also, an adequate base can be built on a budget by using treated 4x4 runners as your joists. And building your shed flooring upon that.  The runners need to be parallel and level to provide a solid base for the shed.  This will give a good ventilation source for underneath the shed.

Which sheds are best, wood, plastic, or steel?  

All three have their strong points and weaknesses.  You would need to decide which is right for you and your particular application.  For many people wood may be the most attractive in appearance, but it also can be the most expensive to construct while having the shortest useful life span.

Steel is quite durable, long lasting and fire resistant, but can give way to rust and dents over time. With steel buildings you get a lot for your money.

 Vinyl sheds tend to be more durable. Vinyl sheds do not crack easily and are more weather resistant. They can usually withstand extreme temperatures better than other plastic sheds. This is a great choice for those who live in hot and humid climates. Vinyl is also relatively light weight in the event you need to relocate the shed at some time.

How long will a vinyl shed last?

Both Vinyl and Steel sheds can have a useful life of 20 years or more if well taken care of. Duramax vinyl products carry a 15 year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Are storage sheds insulated/climate controlled? 

Most sheds are not insulated.  They may have windows or vents for air flow, but actual insulation is something that is not common.  Duramax does offer a line of insulated sheds that can be climate controlled by adding your own air conditioning/ heating unit.  These are most commonly used for construction offices or extra living space.

Can a shed be used for a business or studio?

Yes, A shed for business is a cost-effective way of starting a new business or growing your current one. Cut all the expenses and risks involved with buying or renting office space and get started right in your backyard shed. When starting a business success is never guaranteed, so cut the risk by avoiding additional expenses.  A small shed for your hobby or studio can keep all the clutter and paraphernalia out of the house to help keep everything organized.

How to Anchor a Shed to the Ground Without Concrete

The simplest way is with ground augers screwed into the ground at each corner of the shed and then a strap or cable securely attached to the auger and fastened to the shed.

Things to Consider Before Building a Shed

Step 1: Check Local Building Codes and/or HOA rules.

Step 2: Choose the Right Size and Style For Your Needs. 

Step 3: Decide on the Function and Location. 

Step 4: Look for Any Problems such as Drainage Near the Construction Site.

Step 5: Consider Extra Features You May Want to Incorporate In Your Shed.

That is it for now, but look for us to add to this section as we get new questions from people that visit our website and write to us with their concerns.  Now on to the list.


9 Best Duramax Sheds For Your Backyard

Duramax Imperial Garage

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Duramax Sheds Direct Imperial Garages

The DuraMax Imperial Metal Garage is the strongest steel outdoor building you can find today. While most metal garages have thin, flimsy walls that dent and ding soon after you assemble them, DuraMax metal garages have thicker steel walls and a special rib design for greater strength and dent resistance. The metal reinforced roof support truss system even handles over 20 lb. per square foot of snow. Made with hot dipped galvanized steel frame parts, the attractive design and color of the Imperial Metal Garage goes well in any landscape.

These all purpose steel buildings can be assembled much more quickly and economically than a conventional garage.

  • Side Lockable Door for Added Convenience and Security
  • Ridge Reinforced Walls
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Frame Parts
  • 98.75" wide x 78.75" height Front Door Roll Up Opening
  • Available in two colors:  Light Gray w/Off White Trim, Dark Gray w/White Trim 
  • Currently Available in two sizes.  12ft x 20ft. And 12ft. By 26ft.
  • Backed by a 10 Year Limited Warranty 


Duramax Insulated Building

Pick Your Size and Style Here

Duramax Sheds Direct Insulated Building

For all of us, space at home is limited, and we don’t always have the room we need on the inside of our houses to take on a new endeavor or set aside space for storage of things that may need special care. That’s why we carry Duramax Insulated Buildings that offer all-weather durability, convenient storage options, and the versatility to support all your personal and professional needs.

These buildings have been designed with versatility in mind.  Whether you need additional storage, extra space for hobbies, work, or just a little extra living room, these can be used for anything that you can think of, storage for yard tools, no problem, an office at a job site, sure thing,  or a hobby room, a 'She Shed', 'Man Cave' or a backyard studio.

 Because it’s modular, that makes it easy to assemble.  These buildings can be expanded to fit your every need and grow with you over time.  It’s the perfect choice for every outdoor space.

The construction provides a strong, long lasting building that reduces heat gain during summer and heat loss in winter making these buildings ideal for all weather conditions and usable for a variety of purposes.  All Duramax Insulated Buildings are manufactured with durable, coil-coated galvanized steel on both inner and outer layers with a fire-retardant CFC Free Poly-Urethane insulation between them.

Each insulated building features a single window kit and a foundation kit which is made from galvanized metal for superior outdoor resilience. It’s shipped in two crates with simple, easy-to-follow directions to make assembly faster and more efficient

  • Includes a metal foundation that allows building construction on just about any flat, level surface. Concrete is NOT required
  • Pre-painted galvanized inner and outer walls provide a stable, impenetrable wall
  • Thick fire-retardant CFC-Free B2 polyurethane insulation offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance
  • Easy-to-assemble bolted tongue and groove wall panel assembly. Provides fast assembly and disassembly. Parts are pre-cut, drilled and numbered for fast simple installation
  • Stackable wall panels, single crate package so that the building can be moved if needed even in a pickup truck
  • Snow load of 30 lbs/sqft - one of the strongest do-it-yourself buildings
  • Secured door with a deadbolt lock can be configured on any side wall panel of the building
  • Step-by-step instructions included
  • Extension kit available in 6 ft. increments and mountable on either side
  • Delivers in single wood crate via common carrier
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty

 Duramax SideMate 4’X8’ Shed

Duramax SHeds Direct 06625 Sidemate shed

The Duramax SideMate 4x8 vinyl shed, (SKU#06625) is an easy-to-assemble outdoor storage solution designed to be placed on the side of your home, privacy fence, garage or even another larger shed. The contemporary design fits in well in any backyard while maximizing storage space for anything you need. Constructed of durable all weather vinyl in a neutral color, the SideMate vinyl shed is maintenance free. It never needs painting or. It will not rust, dent, rot, mildew or fade. It is also fire retardant and much quieter in the rain than metal storage sheds. The wall columns are reinforced with solid metal, giving the vinyl shed a lot of strength and making it easy to hang shelves or garden tools inside. The foundation kit provides a galvanized metal foundation. It simplifies the assembly process, ensures a square shed and elevates your floor off the ground which allows ventilation and prevents moisture from the ground. With the foundation kit you'll be able to build your shed the day you receive it.

  •  Wide 30" Reversible Side Door can be placed on either side
  •  All Weather Durable, Long Lasting, and Maintenance Free Vinyl
  •  Two vents included, can be placed on any panel
  •  Strong metal structure tested for 20lbs/sqft snow load
  •  Door handle includes padlock eye to secure shed
  •  Vinyl is fire retardant (unlike other plastics)
  •  High Head Room
  •  Ideal for the Side of Your Home
  •  Foundation Kit Included
  • 15 Year Limited Warranty

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      4) Duramax Duramate Shed Series (comes in 2 sizes) 

 HOA Friendly, these sheds were designed to meet the height requirements of most communities, (check with your local regulations).  They are available in an 8’x5’ (SKU#00184) or

8’x8’ (SKU#00384) model.

Both include the foundation kit and come with a 15 year limited warranty.

**Click the shed size you want to be taken directly to the product page for more information.

Duramax Duramate Shed Duramax Sheds Direct
  •  6' Tall Walk-In Shed
  •  All Weather Durable, Long Lasting, and Maintenance Free Vinyl
  •  Wide 60" Double Doors
  •  Wind Tested up to 115 mph (When anchored properly to the ground)
  •  Won't rust, rot, dent or mildew
  •  Never needs painting
  •  Vinyl is fire retardant (unlike other plastics)
  •  Strong metal structure tested for 20lbs/sqft snow load
  •  Skylight included
  •  Door handle includes padlock eye to secure shed


        5) Duramax SidePro Series (2 sizes)

Duramax Sheds Direct Sidepro Shed

 This Hi quality vinyl shed also comes in two sizes giving you options depending on your situation.  The smaller 10.5’x3’ Side Pro (SKU# 98001) is perfect for the narrower side yard where it will stand adjacent to the side of a house or fence, inside a garage or even in a basement for extra storage space and if you have a bit more space then you can upgrade to the 10.5’x5’ Woodbridge (SKU# 00283) model.  Both sheds include the foundation kit.

  • All Weather Durable Vinyl that will Not Rust, Rot and Dent
  • Impervious to Wood Eating Insects
  • Never Needs Painting
  • Tall Walk in Shed (73" tall)
  • Wide Double Doors for Access (61"wide X 71" tall)
  • 15 Year Warranty-The Longest in the Industry
  • Easy-Assembly
  • Comes with Metal Frame Foundation
  • Lockable Door for Added Security

 **Click the shed size you want to be taken directly to the product page for more information.

         6) Duramax YardMate StoreMate StoreMax 

Duramax Sheds Direct Duramax 7x7 StoreMAx Plus w/ molded floor

 This durable vinyl line of sheds from Duramax gives you (5) size options, three rectangular configurations and two square ones so you have even more options.  Wide double doors to give you full access to the interior and a heavy duty molded floor are two key features that set this shed line apart from the competition.

  • Click on each individual size for availability

The Duramax YardMate Pent Plus 5’x3’ (SKU#05325)

The  Duramax YardMate Plus 5’x5’ (SKU#35525)

The Duramax YardMate Plus 5’x8’ (SKU#35825)

The Duramax StoreMate Plus 6’x6’ (SKU#30425)

The Duramax StoreMax 7’x7’ (SKU#30325)

  •  All Weather Durable PVC
  •  Won't Rust, Dent, Rot or Mildew
  •  Includes Heavy Duty Molded Floor
  •  Wide Double Doors (53" wide x 71" tall)
  •  Vinyl is fire retardant (unlike other plastics)
  •  Dual Air Ventilation System on Front Width
  •  15 Year Warranty - The longest in the industry ensuring long life and product quality
  •  Easy Assembly (needs two people)


          7) Duramax Woodbridge Plus w/Foundation

Duramax Woodbridge Plus w/Foundation Kit Duramax Sheds Direct

 The Duramax Woodbridge Plus Shed Series comes in three different sizes.  All are in an attractive  (2) tone beige/brown color that adds elegance to any outdoor setting. As part of our Plus Signature line, this tall walk-in shed features tall and wide double doors. The wall columns are reinforced with a solid metal structure that gives the shed strength as well as the added benefit of allowing you to mount shelves or hang long handled tools, ropes, chains, or hoses. With a generous number of cubic feet, there is no better valued vinyl storage shed in the marketplace today. If you have the room for it on your property this is the ideal storage building for you. 

*Click on each individual shed size for Availability

 Duramax 10’x8’ Woodbridge Plus w/Foundation (SKU#40214)

Duramax 10’x10’ Woodbridge Plus w/Foundation (SKU#40224)

Duramax 10’x13’ Woodbridge Plus w/Foundation (SKU#40234)

 All Weather Durable Vinyl

  • You will never need to treat or paint the structure
  • Vinyl is fire retardant (unlike plastics)
  • Will not rust, dent, rot, mildew or fade
  • Includes door handles with padlock eyeslit
  • Reinforced metal structure can handle 20 lb/sq ft snow load
  • Better air circulation with ventilation slits in gable fascia
  • One built in shatter proof window included!
  • Foundation Floor Framing Kit Included (finish with plywood or concrete; not included)
  • Comes with clear instructions for a hassle-free assembly
  • 15 year Limited Warranty


        8) Duramax Apex Pro w/Foundation 2 Windows Side Door

Duramax Apex Pro w/Foundation Kit 2 windows and side door Duramax Sheds Direct

 The Duramax Apex Pro is the latest line of sheds produced by the Duramax brand. The brand Duramax signifies DURability and MAXimum quality and value. The Apex Pro was designed with large double entry main and side doors to provide the owner with easy accessibility from either side of the shed, ensuring maximum utilization of storage space and ease of access to any and all equipment stored inside. The Duramax Apex Pro was designed specifically with the intention to add beauty and blend into any yard. 

 The Duramax Apex Pro is maintenance free. It never needs painting and won't rust, rot or dent and is impervious to wood eating insects. This shed has two  skylights on the roof and two front windows for light control and has four slotted vents for air flow. The fire retardant vinyl resin panels are supported by Heavy Duty interior galvanized steel columns, beams and trusses for strength and roof snow load. Vinyl, unlike polyethylene, is fire retardant and safe to store any flammable items. 

 Duramax backs their claim of durability with a 15 year warranty. It has a step by step instruction manual to simplify assembly. Using two people will make assembly easier and an enjoyable weekend DIY project. 

*Click on each individual shed size for availability

Duramax Apex Pro 10.5’x8’ (SKU#40116)

Duramax Apex Pro 15’x8’ (SKU#40216)

 Made from superior fire retardant vinyl plastic resin

  • Won’t Dent, Rust, Rot or Mildew
  • Heavy duty galvanized steel interior beams, columns and trusses for unmatched strength and snow load
  • Designed to blend with the look of the home while adding to the yard's physical appearance
  • Wide and high double entry front and side doors for easy access in acquiring stored equipment
  • Galvanized steel foundation to lift the apex and help with water flow
  • Two large windows on the front of the shed for additional light control while adding aesthetics to increase the overall look of the shed.
  • Two large skylights on the roof
  • Snow load tested 20lbs/sq.foot
  • Padlock Ready (Lock not included)
  • The heavy duty interior columns allow you to mount shelves and garden tools.
  • Lockable door handles (lock not provided)
  • 15 year warranty is the longest in the industry ensuring long life and product quality.

           9) Duramax Bicycle Storage Shed 

Duramax Bicycle Storage Shed Duramax Sheds Direct

Check Here for availability

The Duramax Bicycle Storage Shed was designed specifically with one purpose and one purpose only and that is to free up your garage of the awkward space-eating presence of your family’s bikes.  We all know there is no good place to keep a bike on a kickstand.  It is always in the way and it takes up a tremendous amount of room. 

 The bike store is an all metal bicycle shed, providing secure outdoor storage of up to 4 adult bicycles and cycling equipment. It is made from metal offering excellent security for storing all your mountain bikes, road bikes and general cycling equipment. Built from our thick, galvanized (weatherproof) steel panels with metal parking tracks for bicycles; flooring not included. The bike tracks are adjustable to fit most any bike and can be removed for storing larger items. Convenient large double door access with key lock included. The reinforced roof and cross metal bars on each door add strength and security for your peace of mind. This can also be used for motorcycle storage as well! 

  • Hot-Dipped galvanized steel painting process
  • Full width double lockable doors
  • 20% Thicker steel than conventional metal shed
  • Reinforced groove walls provide greater strength
  • Ready to Assemble with Pre-Cut holes and Materials
  • Compact packing for ease of transport
  • Impervious to Wood Eating Insects
  • 8 Year Warranty
  • Adjustable bicycle tracks
  • Best valued bicycle storage in the market